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Motive is the issue

March 17, 2009

They say motive is the issue. Why we do things is extremely important. Do we act for personal gain, or are we working at filling a genuine need? Are we concerned about the other person, or is our motive purely selfish?

That’s what I’m asking to my self in creating this Blog!

The wisest man who ever lived answers that question for me in a meaningful way:

“A person’s words can be life-giving water; words of true wisdom are as refreshing as a bubbling brook”

-King Solomon

All of us can relate to that. We’ve met some people and spend a few minutes with them and felt encouraged and “better” as a result of the words they spoke.

Unfortunately, words can also be destructive. Many people carry the painful memories of cruel and condemning words from their childhood.

Zig Ziglar was right in saying that: “If you use encouraging words, the recipient has a better chance of feeling better. If you use put-down words, these will drag people down…words can build you up or tear you down.”

Words are what we use most often to encourage other people in their daily lives. I’m convinced that when you use your abilities properly you can achieve success. I’m also convinced that when you help and encourage others to use their ability, you will have a better chance of achieving significance.

That’s my intention in creating this Blog. Happy blogging!

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